EVS volunteers – Gunel

IMG_7550  Latvia impressed me when I was on the plane. I had a chance to see one the greenest countries in the world from the sky. At that moment I did understand that I could find peace and serenity in this country. Thanks to Sanita from Jekabpils NVO resursu centrs who gave me a chance to explore Old Town in Riga for a couple of hours after took me from the airport.

When I arrived to Jekabpils, my coordinator and mentor welcomed me in the town. Though Jekabpils is a small town, there are a lot of trees everywhere that surprised me much more than everything. Green atmosphere follows you in the town. I participated in the City Day as well. In this party I noticed that howIMG_7552 people could have fun. Actually Jekabpils is a quiet town. Especially I can’t see many people in the streets during evenings. But during festivals or events people could get together and have fun as much as possible. It is very impressive point for me. One of the impressive moments for me is fences here. In my country I used to see just high and stone fences around the gardens. But the fences are tiny and made of wood or bushes in Jekabpils. You can see beautiful gardens with different beautiful flowers behind the fences.

I had a chance to participate in the training in Ramava near Riga too. In this training I have learned much more about EVS and met a lot of nice people around the world. I visited Riga too. Riga got me mesmerized with its old architecture, amazing parks, one of the architectural treasures called House of Blackheads, and of course delicious cuisine.

IMG_7551Furthermore people are very nice to me here. They always try to help me. It is very amazing to be around nice people and in a safe country.

Of course, at the first time cold weather and being apart from my family and friends was not so easy for me. But I’m getting to adapt the weather and sometimes even can feel the warmness in the air and enjoy it. I have friends and nice colleagues in Jekabpils now. I hope this journey will leave only positive signs in my life.

Gunel Alakbarova