EVS volunteers – Ignacio


Ignacio_NVOSveiki, my name is Ignacio and I´m from Spain (from the southeast. From Lorca, in Murcia´s Region).

I arrived in Latvia on Saturday, the 9th of July, after a long trip (27 hours, due to my waiting at Barcelona´s airport).

My first impression was really good. My volunteer mate, my coordinator and another local volunteer were waiting to me at Jēkabpils Autoosta. They brought colorful balloons and a sheet which said: “Ignacio Navarro Welcome”. It was really nice, I felt like in home, or even better :)Ignacio

What´s more, my first day was the Jēkabpils cultural day. I hope everyday could be like that one! Also people here are really nice, funny and polite. Even thought, the city it´s not so big but also it means that you can rest and relax on your free time. Apart from that, I love how green is everything and surrounded by water everywhere!

During that weekend I was meeting new people, discovering the city and enjoying it and making the most of this good weather, despite I was tired ;)

Ignacio_un_GunelaAbout this week, I will go to Rāmava to an arrival training with all the others new volunteers in Latvia who came in those weeks. I hope I have good journeys, discover more new cultures and show my own one.

I also felt like in home when I was listening Spanish music and seeing flamenco at the festival, also having lot of Spanish food at supermarkets, but right now I´m into trying the traditional food and dishes here.

I can´t deny that at first I was a bit scared because there will be so many changes (culture, people, food,…),but right now I,m very enthusiastic with the new culture and new friends and I´m enjoying myself even more than I supposed it will be. What´s more, the more time I spend here, the more comfortable I feel.

Then, I hope we can enjoy in Latvia, at least, until November ;)  See you doing different sports in Jēkabpils!