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Society “Jēkabpils NVO resursu centrs” implement Erasmus+: European Voluntary service project “Share and like volunteering” within which in the end of May volunteer from Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye Anastasiia Ilieva arrived in Jēkabpils.  Anastasiia has worked as journalist for a local TV channel, this is her first time in Latvia. Below we offer you ukrainian girls first impressions  of Latvia and Jēkabpils at the beginning of her volunteer work.

Anastasiia Ilieva (EVS volunteer from Ukraine) about Latvia and Jēkabpils

Nineteen hours on the road, crossing four borders and now – I’m in Latvia. At the end of May, Ukraine was already enveloped by summer heat, but here and there was a cool breeze and dandelions are blooming. Arriving in Latvia I was in my favorite season of the year – in the spring.

Local residents in the majority – very reserved, but friendly people. Local drivers pleasantly surprised by their politeness – when pedestrian put a foot on the “zebra” – cars at a distance of several meters will certainly slow down. Another joy is public transport. Wi-fi in the train is very convenient. And very convenient is the bus schedule, by which they follow to the nearest minute.

It is still unusual that there are so few people on the streets. Just a paradise for the introvert! Despite this, something interesting is constantly happening in the town. For two weeks of my stay here I managed to visit bicycle competitions, the event “Latvijas simtgades ekspresis” in Krustpils railway station and ” Dziesmu un Deju svētku ieskaņas koncerts”.

One day I just took a walk around the city. At first glance, there is nowhere to go in the small Jēkabpils – there is not even a cinema here. However, nature compensates for everything! Kena park, Mežaparks, Krustpils island. And most of all I like the embankment! There you have a great view of the Daugava. In general, Jēkabpils for me is the city of loud gulls, white nights, fragrant lilacs and tranquility.

Anastasiia Ilieva

Evelīna Elksnīte,

Jēkabpils NVO resursu centrs,

project assistant