EVS volunteers from Armenia and Rumania – Alexandra

karogiIn Latvia will be from 2nd October, 2015 till 27th September, 2016

Alexandra (EVS volunteer)


Alexandra at LiepājaFirst impressions about Latvia

Firstly, I arrived in Latvia on October 2nd after a long journey at Riga International Airport where I was welcomed cordially by my coordinator.

On my way to Jekabpils I was amazed by the beautiful and green surroundings of the country. Jekabpils is a quiet city that has lots of green places and benches where people can relax. It is also comforting that you can walk almost everywhere here without any kind of anxiety.

Moreover, soon after my arrival in Latvia I had the chance to visit another city, Liepāja where I took part in the “Aicināts dzīvē” project with other members of the “Jēkabpils NVO resursu centrs” organization. It was a good experience because I got to know better the people from this organization. Everybody was pleasant and made me feel very comfortable.

In Liepāja I visited some organizations like “Liepajas blind society”, “The youth center” among others. I was mostly impressed by the work done by those blind people in the Liepajas blind society; More precise the way they are learning to read or use a computer or how they are managing to make different handicrafts even if they are blind. Moreover I visited also a special garden build for blind people; All these things were something new for me and I was nicely impressed.

In addition, I have visited some great places here like the seaside, the ghost tree made of 4000 stainless steel rods, among others. I could say I had a great time visiting Liepaja.

Furthermore, because I come from another country, I see there are lots of different things from one country to another. Lots of things are different here like the culture, history and the language which is totally different. It was a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and move to this country. It was kind of weird at the beginning to hear people talking to each other and have no clue what they are talking about.

I cannot deny that at first I was scared, fearing that I wouldn’t fit in here and I could not adapt to so many changes, but for now I feel very positive and I think I will enjoy my stay here and I already feel Jekabpils as my city and I believe this will be a successful journey.

Alexandra at Liepāja Alexandra at Liepāja Alexandra at Liepāja