How to become a volunteer?

  1. FIND OUT!

Before becoming a volunteer, you need to realize, what are those things and areas, what do you like, what are you interested in and good at, and where you want to gain additional knowledge and experience!


Once you have clarified the areas, where you want to work, you must find that organization, that most matches your goals!


How to apply for volunteer work:

  • placing an announcement in one of the Latvian accessible databases and wait, when one of the organizations will contact you or
  • personally apply for organization of your choice

Volunteer work is work, that you can do in your desired place and time, you can decide, how much time to devote – hour a day or hour a week, or may have only a few hours per month, combined with other works, studies or hobbies!

Searching opportunities to volunteer, you need to prepare your (CV), not only showing your work experience but also your education, but also, that you are good at – maybe you are a very good at drawing, or sing, or maybe you like practical thing, additionally add hobbies and interests!