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Hi! Mani sauc Eugene. I am volunteer from Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Duration of project “Share and like volunteering” is 10 months, and I will try to describe all topics, using 10 sentences for each of them.


JevgenijAt 21:28, 2nd December, 2016 I saw Latvia for the first time ever.  It was a hard trip from Kyiv to Riga – more, than 24 hour by bus (we have long standing on Poland border). Kārlis (at first – my mentor, and now – my good friend) has met me in Rīga at night.

I am three month already here, and see, how multicultural is Latvia. How big and rich history you have. Some of historical episodes are similar with Ukrainian history. But nevertheless, Latvia is very progressive: compare your country with Ukraine, I understand, that you have done a lot of thing 25 years ago, that we still does not done. And I believe, we will fix it. :-) First words that I see, when thinking about Latvia are:  safe, peaceful, green, cosy, friendly, stable. For me, as Ukrainian, Latvia and Latvians are great example of Europe and Europeans.


Jēkabpils is unusual city for me: in Ukraine I live in city with population more, than 800 000 people, and your city like district, where I live (but so much cooler than my district!). Jēkabpils is cute and rich city. When I write “rich” I mean no money, but people: local residents are very tolerant and polite people which care about their cultural, mother tongue and their city. Near Bebru iela (where I live) we have forest (real forest, guys)!  It’s was my dream for a long time: to live near forest. So, I can say: dreams come true in Jēkabpils!  :) I really like your little wooden houses, smell of fireplaces smoke. It so cool – to have fireplace:

I’m very lucky and I had met New Year with Kārlis and two my new friends  (Denis and Reinis). So, Reinis have fireplace in his home. It was great company and a great spend time!


When I met Agita, Lasma, Ieva, Santa, Margarita and Ginta, I thought: “Hmm… They are real professionals of their business, and they looks like a team!”. There are three month was passed…Now I think I may safely say, that in Jēkabpils NVO resursu centrs I found a new family for period of my volunteering. It is a fun, interesting, dynamic, and sometimes difficult, but very cool– working here. I have met participants from Ukrainian organization “Yavir”. We have spend a lot of activities. It great, that I have friend from my country here. :) Now I have Media Club and very diligent students! I like my job, and will work for on the increase in the number of our members.


So…Now I plan to make a trip by bicycle to touristic places of Latvia. And make a movie about it. Of course, I have plan to make some advertisement of Jēkabpils and its citizens. Also I have plan to create movie club, and already invite you to join it! So… I have four sentences else. Let it be three simple words. It`s my moto:
Audentes fortuna juvat. – Fortune helps the brave.


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