How does Middle Daugava region NGO coalition work?

Coalition founding initiator: public benefit society Jekabpils NGO recource Center

Coalition founding and action goal: strengthen civil society, formatting effective and sustainable Middle Daugava non-governmental organization society Middle Daugava regional – Jekabpils city, Krustpils, Sala, Plavinas and Jekabpils municipalitys.

Coalition main tasks:

  • unite Middle Daugava non-governmental organization forces, efforts and resources to achieve common goals,
  • improve resident wellbeing and to advance civil society development,
  • create enabling environment for society and foundation action in Middle Daugava region,
  • promote effective NGO participation in decision-making processes Middle Daugava regional municipalities.

Coalition action mechanisms:

  1. at Middle Daugava coalition can work anyone who is part of Middle Daugava regional register or action contributing society and foundation.
  2. Coalition:
    • ensure a permanent flow of information about NGO topical issues,
    • contribute in Europe Volunteer Work (EVW) practices and experiences promotion Middle Dugava region;
    • strengthen NGO part in formation of civil society.
  1. Coalition board leads societys „Jekabpils NGO resource Center” chairman of the board.

Any member of the public can participate in decision making process, however greatest oppportunities at defending interests is for the active residents, who are part of non-governmental organization.

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