Our projects

  • EEZ/Norway’s FI project “Vidusdaugavas reģiona NVO darbības atbalsts” (Vidusdaugava region’s NGO activity support) – the project was realized in Vidusdaugava region – in Jēkabpils and its area, Krustpils area, Salas area and Pļaviņu area.The project took place from July, 2013 to December, 2015.Project’s total financing was 66 400, 69 EUR. Jēkabpils local government was co-financing 10% of the total sum.During the project several activities were provided: accounting and record keeping consultations for associations, publishing of an e-paper, exchange of experience with Vidzeme’s NGOs, a charity activity organized called pasniedz-roku-logo“Pasniedz roku Sintijai un Laurai!” (Hold out a hand for Sintija and Laura!), round table discussions about the meaning and possibilities of participation democracy, what it offers, as well as a two day long practice for association members, Vidusdaugava’s region NGO forum, publicity activities.logo-vecais
  • The Project “Aicināts dzīvē!” (Welcome to life!) – The aims of the project were to develop regional non-governmental sector initiatives to abatement social inequality, promoting social inclusion, accessibility of information and prevention of violence for families that are often endangered by social repulsion, families that have many children, are poor or have just one support, 1as well as help solving issues for risk group teenagers, especially for the involvement in the work market. The project was realized in Jekabpils and the surrounding areas with separate activities in Liepaja and Valmiera.Project’s total financing was 49 990, 90 EUR. The local government of Jekabpils was co-financing 10% of the total sum.

    Project’s main activities were to create an afternoon self-development school, organize day and night camps for families, educational trips for teenagers, methodical material creation, exchange of experience activities within NGOs, ensuring project publicity.


  • Participation in State Employment Agency’s project2 “Atbalsts jauniešu brīvprātīgajam darbam” (Youth’s voluntary work support). During the project, the association employed nine teenagers – as office administrators, homepage administrators, donation collector, project coordinator and others. Two from the programme teenagers continued to work in EEZ/Norway’s FI project. The teenagers started computer courses for local seniors to teach them basic computer skills.

  • Project “Volunteers change Jēkabpils” – The main erasmus-plusobjectives of the project are: to promote the international environment and development in Jēkabpils city and in non-governmental organizations, to promote youth politics and activities for active life, with the help of non-formal learning skills, to promote young volunteer’s personal growth and development.

    This project will be realized in our association, in Jēkabpils, as a long-term project – 1 year long. The project activities will be started October 2nd, 2015.

    Project’s total financing was 16 314, 00 EUR.


  • Participation in fund’s Ziedot.lv project “Palīdzi trūcīgiem mazuļiem” ziedot.lv(Helping poor infants), giving milk mixtures and diapers for up to 2 years old children from poor families in Jēkabpils and in the near area. The products were given to approximately 25 children a month.

  • Association „Jēkabpils 3NGO resource center” provides food packages to lonely seniors in Jēkabpils.

    Association „Jēkapbils NGO resource center”, in cooperation with charity organization „Ziedot.lv”, Jēkabpils Social Service and „DEPO DIY” Jēkabpils’ unit of structure, in the first month of 2015 organized food package delivery to 110 poor seniors in Jēkabpils.

    Charity organization „Ziedot.lv” provided 1100 EUR for the purchase of food packages. In December in Riga, a 144 hour long charity marathon „Dod pieci!” (High five!) was organized, during which, money was collected for Christmas gifts for Latvia’s lonely and poor seniors.


  • “Giving for Latvia” is a group of young Latvian logo-giving-for-Latvia professionals working in London. The organization’s aim is to provide aid for the Latvian children and parents, who have suffered from emotional and physical abuse, and to those disadvantaged by age, disability, financial problems or other hardships.

    “Jekabpils NGO resource Center” applied 4for a 1000 EUR grant and “Giving for Latvia” approved it. With the money, “Jekabpils NGO resource center” bought some shelves, two table-tennis tables with the necessary equipment and will also get a trampoline.