Share and like voluteering

Projekts “Share and like volunteering”erasmus_logo_jaunais_ofic
Projekta īstenošanas laiks: 01.08.2016. – 31.12.2017.

Europe Volunteering Service (EVS) Project „Share and like Volunteering”

Project’s aim is to promote responsibility and skill development of Europe’s volunteers and local youth by experiencing and sharing voluntary work experience, popularizing EVS possibilities and energizing the participation of the local youth in social activities and shaping of youth policy.

The project will be carried out in association „Jēkabpils NGO resource center”, in city Jēkabpils, Latvia, as a long-term project – lasting 11 months . The implementation of the EVS project in Latvia will start 1-st August, 2016, but volunteers activity will starts 1st November, 2016 (volunteer from France), second volunteer from Ukraine will start1st December, 2016.

In the project, 2 EVS youngsters will be involved – Julien Malot from France, sending organization „MAISON DE L EUROPE DES YVELINES” and Jevhen Udovichenko from east partnership country Ukraine, sending organization „ Union Forum”.

The volunteer from France will work on Vidusdaugava region youth club’s creative development and long-term securing of activities by attracting young people from age 14-19 for club activities and promoting it’s recognition in social media and schools, by creating new and interesting sections in the association’s webpage.

The volunteer from Ukraine will popularize association’s actions and given opportunities by creating videos and short-films about EVS opportunities in the association, region, Latvia and European Union; will participate in the Vidusdaugava region discussion club activities by planning and organizing journalism practical classes, even during the trips in Vidusdaugava region’s schools.

Both volunteers, each in his own way, will be involved in the development and formatting of suggestions in written and video form for policy work development in Jēkabpils city.

In the result of the project, „Vidusdaugava’s Youth discussion club” activity and development will be secured; EVS possibilities popularized in short-films; association’s actions reflected and the voluntary work from the involved citizens for the society; designed suggestions in written and video form for the development of youth policy work in Jēkabpils city.