Volunteers discovery

In this project are planned three activities:

First activity will happen in Jekabpils Day center ‘’To be together’’. The task will be supplement the range of offered activities, as well as supplement everyday events, making them more modern, educational and interesting. We also plan to expand the audience of our visitors. Expecting that they will have their own ideas that they want to realize. Maybe they will want to teach English or other conversational language in Day center. In this activity will participate girls from Azerbaijan and Armenia. In the beginning was planned to take young people from Portugal. Unfortunately partners from Portugal were unable to maintain operational efficiency.

Second activity will be in Polish society ‘’Rodacy’’ which has been improving for long-term the Polish Cultural Environment in Jekabpils. Task will be to develop the usability of the Polish language in Jekabpils. As well as with help of various public activities, to promote the deeper familiarity of Polish culture in Jekabpils and promote interest about Polish culture. It’s planned that the Polish volunteer will also work as an assistant at the Jekabpils Children and Youth Club, which already has Polish language training. The volunteer will have the challenge to help the society manage the documents in the correct Polish language, contact other Polish partner organizations, attract more young people to the community.

The third activity will be the task to support the children and youth camp and society, to
develop in social networks, popularize horse riding lessons, as well as multifunctional social life in the countryside. This activity will be in horse riding sport society ‘’Ūsiņš’’ which is located in Jekabpils district. The society wants to involve the cultural environment in its everyday life. There’ll be 2 volunteers – from France and Armenia. We expect that volunteers will improve the societies practice in working with children and young people in camps, supporting with their own skills, hobbies, passion and language differences.

Throughout project, the co-ordinating society will pay attention to the volunteers to improve the skills what is needed for the success of the project and will be valuable for the volunteers themselves.