What is volunteer work?

Voluntary work (VW) is an opportunity for anyone to gain new knowledge and experience!

That is:

  • donation of time and skills for socially useful purposes;
  • unpaid work, with no employment relationship
  • people involved in public life and change environmental quality of life

Regardless of age, gender, origin, nationality, religion, political views and other social, physical or geographical conditions  VW provide opportunities for everyone:

  • be active in society;
  • to participate in various projects;
  • get new experiences – social and professional;
  • to acquire new knowledge;
  • to show their talents and skills;
  • make new social contacts, new friends and like-minded persons;
  • explore the world and society;
  • implement conceived ideas and maybe even dreams!

Who can become a volunteer?

Anyone who wants to gain new experiences by doing some work for public benefit!

There are many areas that accept volunteers. We are all different with different interests and talents, that my end up being useful in volunteer work.